Custom Wrapping & Wall/Floor Art

Adhesive vinyl wrapping is becoming more and more popular as people from all spheres of life start to recognise the potential of displaying eye-catching graphics on, well, just about anything!*

Create a point of difference to make a lasting impact...

  • Wall graphics and custom wallpaper are a fast, cost-effective way to transform your home or office décor and create a truly unique space.

  • Wall-art and posters for special celebrations.

  • Reinforce your brand everywhere around your office – great for reception area items.

  • Bring your favourite images to life on splashbacks, cabinetry, island bench barbacks, benchtops, walls, doors, furniture, office desks, shower doors – the list goes on!

  • Makeover your kitchen with a cabinetry wrap. You can even apply it yourself!

  • Make a unique personal statement with a wrap for your skateboard, snowboard, helmet, bike, scooter… We can wrap almost anything!*

  • Lightboxes – add this little on-trend novelty piece to your décor with a collection of personalised vinyl graphics to display your favourite quip, motivation or image.**

  • Change your mind anytime! Vinyl graphics are so economical that, while they can be permanent, it’s so easy to replace your graphics whenever you desire a change.

  • Window art or obscuring – read more here.


*Adhesive vinyl can only be mounted onto certain surfaces. Find out more here about which surfaces are suitable for vinyl adhesion.

Quality guaranteed

All our signs and graphics are created using top quality, adhesive vinyl film and materials. They are especially designed for long-term displays with the highest degree of brilliance and durability, even in outdoor applications (life expectancy approx 5-7 years under normal conditions). Laminated for extra protection.

Can I really apply it myself?

All our stickers are so easy to apply and if they are applied to the correct surfaces (as per instructions provided) they are easily removed leaving no sticky residue. Most unprinted plain colours are bubble-free, making them even easier to apply without unsightly bubbles underneath. Comprehensive instructions are provided with all 'do-it-yourself' vinyls and prints to ensure your wraps look fantastic every time. (DIY VIDEO TUTORIAL COMING SOON!) We do recommend you only attempt to wrap your own products yourself though if you are covering an entirely flat smooth surface and if the area is not larger than around 1m x 1m. It takes a certain amount of training and skill to be able to wrap uneven surfaces, crevices, edges, and large areas - but that's what we're here to help you with!

Special features and options

  • Textured wallpaper for extra impact at close range (removable from painted surfaces for up to 5 years)
  • Metallic and mirror chrome finishes
  • Reflective colours for more visibility and impact at night
  • 'One-way-vision' vinyl film
  • Anti-slip floor vinyl

Laminate options

We recommend that all graphics and prints are laminated if they are to be displayed outdoors. All our laminate options are durable and UV resistant to extend the life of the product, and preserve the quality and brilliance of the vinyl and printed colours.

  • Gloss – preserves and enhances the clarity and sharpness of bright and bold colours.
  • Satin – provide excellent surface clarity with less reflection than a glossy laminate.
  • Matte – reduces reflection; perfect for interior images or graphics with softer, mellow colours.

"What CAN'T we wrap? Not much!"
Kitchen barback panel - poppies
Flawless print quality
Outstanding vibrant colours
Personalise your cabinetry
Make your kitchen pop!
Inspiring graphics for a lounge wall
Window wrap - partial obscuring
A statement piece in a church foyer
Protect your shower glass!
Decorative window obscuring
Heat transfers applied to fabrics
Your own unique Race Helmet
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